Jennifer Lindner



Hello, my name is Jennifer Lindner and I am a Junior transfer at Bemidji State University. I just completed my Accounting AAS degree last May 2014. I am working on my Bachelors degree in Business. I am just a student at this point in my life, due to being a caretaker for my mom. She was diagnosed with ALS (Lou Gehrig s Disease) in March 2014. Me and my family are strong!

Life at Home

I am from Mizpah, MN and have pretty much lived there my whole life. We have two dogs, Pogo is a Shitzu, and Fez is a toy size American Eskimo. I have one older adopted brother, 25, and a younger sister, 21.

Hobbies and Interests

  • I like being with family and friends.
  • Puzzles
  • Outdoors
    • Four-wheeling
    • Snowmobiling
    • Biking
    • Going to the beach



Favorite Sites

Caribou Coffee
Barnes and Noble
Pink Rack Project

Purdue OWL

Purdue OWL


Chapter 1 Notes - JL
Chapter 2 Notes - JL
Chapter 3 Notes - JL
Chapter 4 Notes - JL
Chapter 5 Notes - JL
Chapter 6 Notes - JL
Chapter 7 Notes - JL
Chapter 8 Notes - JL
Chapter 9 Notes - JL
Chapter 10 Notes - JL

Assignments and Class Work

Support Analysis - JL
Scholarly Statements - JL
Rhetorical Analysis Notes - JL
Rhetorical Analysis Project - JL
Annotated Bibliography - JL
Project Proposal - JL
Arguing Cause - JL
Arguing Cause Peer Review - JL
Proposal Free Writes - JL
Solution Proposal - JL

Consider This
CRAAP test
Logical Fallacies

Topic for research: availability of services for chronically ill people. Looks good, Jenny. —Hamann

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