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I am currently a sophomore, and I am majoring in Elementary Education.
I am from Maplewood, MN which is just about 20 minutes outside of the Twin Cities.
People that know me really well say that I am a five year old at heart and will make a pretty good teacher one day.
I work at a daycare center back home and I absolutely love my job! I'm that girl that everyone asks to work for them, because they know that I will always say yes because I love it so much!
I don't play any sports but I really love hockey.
My favorite animal is a Buffalo. I know, weird but I'm fine with that. Since most people think it's odd, whenever anyone sees anything buffalo, they always have to tell me and/or get it for me. So I have kind of a collection of buffalo things.
Two summers ago I went to London and I fell in love with the city. I would love to visit again someday or even possibly live there!
I act silly and quirky a lot and I love everything Disney, especially Disney Princesses.
My favorite princess is Cinderella. I could watch that movie forever.
Every summer since I was in sixth grade my family and I have traveled around visiting National Parks. It's probably one of my favorite things that I get to do. I love going around and hiking! I have been to either 30 or 31 national parks since I was 12 and there are a total of 56 all together in the US. It is our goal to be go to all of them!
I have a tortoise named Franklin and he's pretty adorable.
One day I would like to have a ginger cat named Rupert.
Music is one of my favorite things. I listen to pretty much everything, but country has always been my favorite and that's mostly what I grew up listening to.

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