Katie McIntosh


My name is Kaitlynn McIntosh, but I like to go by Katie. I am 20 years old and a sophomore here at BSU. I am majoring in Professional Education, with hopes of someday becoming an elementary teacher. My hometown is Gonvick, Minnesota. That is about 40 minutes away from here so I like to go home often. I have four sisters and one brother. I am very close with my two younger sisters Lauren(17) and Sarah(7). Recently I got a black lab puppy and named her Maggie. She is so cute! My personality is easily described as very shy. I really don't speak unless spoken to. Once I get to know someone though I am much more outgoing.


  • Basketball, though I don't play anymore. Basketball was my life in high school.
  • DYI Projects! I am addicted to pinterest!
  • Netflix


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  • Topic: Four Day School Week in Rural Schools Looks good, Katie. — Hamann

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