Lauren Miller

A Little Bit About Me

My name is Lauren Miller, I am a sophomore here at BSU. I am 19 years old, from Brockville, Ontario, Canada which is about an hour south-west of the Nation's capital, Ottawa. I grew up playing hockey in Ottawa, and now play here at Bemidji State. I have one brother, he is 23 years old. I played a lot of highschool sports such as basketball, volleyball, rowing, and soccer. In Canada, our highschool sports are not very competitive, so I did rowing and soccer at club level. At Bemidji State, I plan to major in Biology, and then further my studies back home.

You can contact me by ac.liamtoh|rellimal#liamE


Favourite Band - Kings of Leon
I got to see them play on their Mechanical Bull Tour this past summer when they were in Toronto, Ontario.

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  • The controversy over animals in captivity Looks good, Lauren. — Hamann
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