Assignment: a rhetorical analysis of Robert Kennedy's Speech Announcing the Assassination of Martin Luther King, Jr using Lloyd Bitzer's theory (pages 48-49 of Backpacks vs. Briefcases).

Write a couple of semi-formal paragraphs describing the rhetorical situation using Bitzer's theory of the Rhetorical Situation (examine the exigence, audience, and constraints). You will need to do a little bit of research to find information about the context of this speech (just Google it).

  • Start a new assignment page titled Bitzer followed by your name
  • Examine the context by looking at the rhetorical situation:
    • Problem or “exigence” (purpose for communication —an "imperfection marked by urgency." In other words, why did he speak? Go beyond the obvious — it was more than just an announcement of Martin Luther King Jr.'s death)
    • Audience (those who are the (intended or unintended) recipients of the rhetorical message. The audience should be able to respond to the exigence. In other words, the audience should be able to help address the problem.)
    • Constraints (The constraints of the rhetorical situation are those things that have the power to “constrain decision and action needed to modify the exigence”)

For a refresher, review pages 48 - 49 from your reading for today.

Tag your page with the tag "Bitzer."

This is due by the start of class on Monday. If you have questions or get stuck, ude.etatsijdimeb|nnamaha#em liame.

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