Livia Desylvester


My name is Livia DeSylvester and I am from Lakeville, MN. I attended Academy of Holy Angels in Richfield, MN for high school, but I don't have a religion preference. I was first introduced to BSU by my aunt, who lives and works here as a Beltrami County dispatcher, when I was about 14 years old. From then on, I knew Bemidji would be my future school of choice.



I've always been a shy person when I first meet people, but once I get used to them I'm pretty outgoing. I've always been mature for my age, but with maturity at a young age comes impatience and stubbornness (at least for me). I like things done my way but am willing to work with others as long as we're progressing with our work. I can be very intense when it comes to something I'm passionate about (like softball or a certain topic), but I don't over-do it. I'm open to others' opinions and take everyone's thoughts into mind when forming my own opinion, but I'm also not afraid to voice my thoughts from the beginning.


School isn't exactly something I look forward to but I like to excel in it. I've always been a perfectionist at heart so it's no surprise I've never received anything lower than a "B" on a report card. I go above and beyond on projects just to make sure I get every point possible. I have never really had a favorite class but in high school, I found myself liking mathematics. That, however, changed drastically once I took calculus last fall. I plan on double majoring in criminal justice and psychology with a minor in either health education or computer science. I'm not sure yet what my career path is but I'm leaning more towards being an investigator. Besides, a double major looks really good on a resume.

Athletics & Interests

Sports have always been a passion for me. It's brought me the most joy and introduced me to incredible people and amazing opportunities. I've met my best friend through softball and now am an assistant coach for the Minnesota Irish Club Softball Organization. That being said, softball is the main sport I've chosen to focus, and am now a player for the BSU softball team. My main position is shortstop but after dislocating my shoulder, tearing my labrum last fall, and finding out I need surgery after the season, I plan on becoming more of a first baseman. Other than sports, I greatly enjoy doing anything adventurous. When I was in eighth grade, I flew down to Arizona with my dad for my cousin's wedding and my uncle took me to the Grand Canyon. It was almost like a high for me climbing down. We stopped in Sedona to do more climbing and it was such a rush knowing that if I slipped or fell backwards, I'd fall off the cliff. So you can say I'm a bit of a daredevil when I don't have time to think about what I'm doing (maybe it's just stupidity). Besides sports and activities, I love reading cheesy love stories or autobiographies about sports people. My absolute favorite person to read about is Pat Summit (formal Head Coach for Tennessee Lady Vols basketball). She has always been an inspiration for me and continues to be one after her diagnosis of early onset-dementia.


Purdue OWL
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Class Work

Book Notes Livia
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Rhetorical Analysis Livia
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Paraphrasing Livia

Research Topic: Should NCAA Athletes Be Paid?
Livia, this will work, but I am worried it might fizzle out on you. Keep it a little broad at first — maybe the working/playing conditions of college athletes or something like that — ethics and/or exploitation of college athletes for institutional profits. Keep thinking of the bigger picture and the problem that paying athletes would solve. Let me know if you have any questions. — Hamann

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