Logical Fallacies As Lb

The first example found of a logical fallacy is an example of ad hominem. Smith, the news reporter is covering the inauguration of president Obama and talking about the gun control issue. He compares gun control to the issue of slavery, stating that if we had stuck to the polls with slavery it would have been around a lot longer. Taking the focus away from the argument at hand and bringing in the issue of race where it wasn't present to begin with.

this one is probably more of a red herring. He is not attacking the person (ad hominem), but bringing in an unrelated issue — slavery to distract. — Hamann

The second example that we found of a logical fallacy is an example of an Black and White fallacy. This article provides information basically saying that If you oppose equal marriage you are a "bigot". This is using the Black and White fallacy because people who support equal marriage are saying its either our way or no other options. But there are many more options to this situation. This article is saying if your not with equal marriage then you are against it, there is no in between which shouldn't be the case because people can be indifferent about the situation and support both sides or none. This article is giving limited choices, when actually there are many more roads to this argument.

good! — Hamann

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