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Tosh Fallacies

This Tosh segment contains many fallacies. He is using his authority as a sports anchor to throw out all of these ridiculous statistics that he is claiming are real. He also goes out of his way to insult Chris Berman (Ad Hominem). This is not related at all to his argument. The last major fallacy contained in this segment is that ESPN supports killing kids (Strawman). This claim is derived from the fact that ESPN bought the rights to broadcast the College Football Playoffs for the next 12 years.

Dumb Blonde
Dumb Blonde

This is the Scotsman fallacies because the media always portrays blondes as dumb and people believe it.
I think what you are getting at here is a hasty generalization. Most stereotypes are this type of fallacy. If you know five red-headed people, and all of them have bad tempers, all red-heads must be bad-tempered. This is hasty generalization. — Hamann

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