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Logical Fallacies:

Faulty sign- Example: That guy is wearing a Raiders jacket and baggy pants. I’ll bet he’s a gang member.

It's definition is where the argument from a certain circumstance wrongly assumes that one event is a reliable indicator or predictor of another event. As the example stated above, the appearance of the "guy" is judge by assuming the way he dresses is like of a gang member. The argument isn't going to provide a true answer, except for the fact that the person is being judged through assumptions.

or hasty generalization — based on limited data (a few gang members wearing baggy pants) the arguer assumes this represents a large group. —Hamann

Logical Fallacy List

Tu Quoque- Example: Wilma: You cheated on your income tax. Don't you realize that's wrong?
Walter: Hey, wait a minute. You cheated on your income tax last year. Or have you forgotten about that?

As you can see from the conversation Wilma states and accuses Walter for cheating on his income tax. In response, rather than defending himself he puts the accusation on Wilma but stating that she cheated on her income tax last year.

Tu Quoque is a logical fallacy where A type of ad hominem argument in which a person turns a charge back on accuser.

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