Logical Fallacies LM JL

Logical Fallacies

This campaign commercial is an example of ad hominem. During the 2012 presidential debate, pro-Romney ads were going around stating that Obama was willing to do whatever it takes in order to win the presidential race.
The ads states that Obama would even be willing to kill in order to win his seat for another term in the White house. The way the ad is laid out, it makes Mitt Romney look as though he is a victim. The ad also questions Obama's character.
The ad has nothing to do with what either of the candidates plan on bringing to the table if he were to win the presidential debate.


This video is an example of a straw man fallacy. The man and child start talking about how the man learned to smoke. He asked if he went to school to learn how to smoke. The conversation strayed off to having the man bring up more arguments to twist the beginning argument around.


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