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My name is Matraca McKay, I grew up in Centerville, Minnesota. Centerville is approximately twenty minutes north of the twin cities. I graduated from Centennial High school in 2012. I have one older sister who is married and together they have two children. My nephew, Tristan is four years old and my niece, Tessalyn is two. I have been dating my boyfriend Sean for almost five years, we met in our freshmen year of high school. I have a cabin on Leech Lake and I love to hunt, fish, and be on the water there.

This is my second year at Bemidji State University. I chose BSU because of the proximity to my cabin and because it is a beautiful campus on the lake. I am majoring in Early Education with an endorsement in pre-primary education. I plan to graduate from BSU in the spring of 2016.


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