Megan Lewandowski


My name is Megan Lewandowski I am 18 years old and I was born on September 11th, 1995. I'm from Clear Lake, Minnesota which is a small town right out of St. Cloud. I attended St. Cloud Technical High School and graduated with a class of about 450 people. I'm not in any sports but I do enjoy watching them.

Home Life

Like I said I am from Clear Lake. I have two older sisters named Katie and Sara and a big, orange, and fluffy cat named Noah. During high school I worked at a butcher shop/meat market for three years called McDonald's Meats. My family is the most important thing in my life and I don't know who or where is would be without them.

College Life

I am living in Oak Hall 4A. My major is Exercise Science and I hope to be a Physicians Assistant. Bemidji State University was my first and only choice in schools. I love it here and I can't wait to see where rest of the year brings me.


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Class Work

Notes Page Megan L.
Rhetorical Situation Megan L.
Scholarly Statement Megan L.
Support Analysis Megan L.
Missing Support AS KM ML
Rhetorical Analysis Megan L.
Annotated Bibliography Megan L.
Project Proposal Megan L.
Personal Interview Megan L.
Arguing Cause Megan L.
Logical Fallacies Megan L.
Proposal Essay Responses Megan L.
Proposal Free Writes Megan L.
Solution Proposal Infographic Megan L.
Paraphrasing Megan L.
Solution Proposal Megan L.

Research Topic: The wolf population in Minnesota and should it be regulated? Looks good, Megan. — Hamann

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