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My name is Michael Hanson and I am currently a sophomore at BSU. I am currently enrolled in the pre-med program here and hope to go into optometry (eye doctor) school after I have finished my studies at BSU. The pre-med program entails a Biology major, Chemistry minor, and a medical sciences emphasis.

Extracurricular Jobs/Activities

I am the Student Liaison for Student Senate and the Minnesota State University Students Association (MSUSA) Public Relations specialist. I am also a Residential Assistant (RA) on the 3rd floor of Pine Hall. That floor is one of Bemidji's outdoor program floors and reflects my interests in hunting and fishing. I was also voted BSU's Homecoming King this year. In my hometown of Hallock, MN I have a job at the local eye clinic as a tech and scribe.


I am a very big Vikings fan and really enjoy all of football. As stated above, I also enjoy anything that has to do with the outdoors.


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