Missing Support Noelle And Ariel
  • Where was the article published?
    • The Atlantic
  • Who is the audience and what background information would they have?
    • He tries to target the younger generations in attempts to get them to stop using the internet as much and start reading books/magazines more. The audience would have the background information of the internet and going online to search and read things
  • How do we decide what claims we use in writing need supports?
    • Every time you make a claim you need supports and evidence to back it up because claims are debatable and they need to be proven
  • "If we lose those quiet spaces, or fill them up with "content," we will sacrifice something important not only in ourselves but in our culture" (269). People have different cultures and read different things, but he never shows a connection between culture and reading. He just claims that if you read less your culture will also suffer. He supports this by providing a vague irrelevant excerpt from the playwright Richard Foreman that discusses a traditional Western culture, but nothing about reading and culture.
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