Noelle Berkelman

The Good Old Days

Twas a cold, windy, foggy December morning in 1995 when Noelle Christine Berkelman was born; that's me. I was born and raised in Duluth, but this baby bird spread her wings and flew to Bemidji. Throughout my lifetime, "I have walked 500 miles, and I will walk 500 more" - The Proclaimers. Also, I have participated in the Olympics and won 3 gold medals for table tennis (I played against Forest Gump). No, not really, I could go to the Olympics for table tennis, but I haven't yet. In reality, I have played softball, flag football, soccer, basketball, hockey, and tennis. However, I only played tennis and basketball throughout high school. Here are a few fun facts! I have spent a lot of time in Australia wrangling kangaroos and learning to throw a boomerang. Just kidding, but I am incredibly talented and can throw a boomerang. I have been attacked by a shark, but don't worry it was my miniature pet shark Louie, but he's dead now R.I.P. Although I was a star after being in the movie Forest Gump, I decided to focus on my education and my future.

The Future, Brighter Than The Past

Now that Forest Gump is over and I have time to focus on my education, I have discovered that I'm so spontaneous that I can't decide on a major. However, I really don't plan on working much anyways because I plan on marrying the 49ers quarterback Colin Kaepernick. I'm his, and the 49ers, number one fan. Once I marry him I won't have to work because I will be his trophy wife. In the future I aspire to own a Parrot named Laquifa, a Newt named Sir Isaac Newton, and a Falcon named Jafar, but my dorm won't allow me to have them right now. I've had a bright past, but whatever comes in the future will be brighter.



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