Notes Adam Lorentz

Backpacks and Briefcases

  • No matter how much you try you always notice little things about people.
  • Some observations may be good but others may be bad.
  • We have built you have built a mental database that you can draw on to make conclusions about what a person’s looks tell you about their personality.
  • Media is one of the most important places where this kind of analysis needs to happen.
  • Our actions that we do everyday are persuasive in nature
  • We never think about doing rhetorical analysis on people, we just do it
  • The audience should be able to respond to the exigence
  • The audience can determine the type of language that is used
  • Think about the constraints
  • The exigence, audience and constraints are only one way to understand the context of a piece of rhetoric
  • The rhetorical situation and rhetorical triangle are two ways to begin to understand how the rhetoric functions within the context you find it.

January 27, 2014

  • Ethos- Ethics Credibility speaker authority
  • Pathos- Emotional/ Appeal to shared value
  • Logos- Claims, Chain of Reasoning
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