Notes (Alex Gerondale)

Notes: Alex Gerondale

-We analyze people all the time based on what they where and how they act and look
-and of course we all form a option of a person from the first time we see them ignoring the common saying "don't judge a book by it's cover"
-humans use media all the time to persuade people to think like them
-Rhetoric influences humans greatly in all things through pathos, ethos, ect.
-Kenneth Burke, rhetoric is everywhere: “wherever there is persuasion, there is rheto- ric. And wherever there is ‘meaning,’ there is ‘persuasion.’
-Rhetorical messages always occur in a specific situation or context
-Problem, constraints, and audience are important aspects of Rhetoric
-Constraints can be beliefs, attitudes, and knowledge ect…
-Understanding the argument is important
-Logos is important to appeal to an audience's intellectual side.

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