Notes Jacob Marcus


  • Ethos- ethics of the speaker, credibility, authority, about the speaker
  • Pathos- emotional appeal, audience, appeal to shared values
  • Logos- claims, chain of reasoning, logic, text(speech itself)
  • Kairos- time, context, culture, place, situation
  • Telos- purpose, similar to the exigence of Bitzer

Kennedy's speech
ethos- his brother was assassinated, senator during the speech
pathos- trying to stop the riots, use MLK's death as a remembrance not a catalyst, his brother was killed so he tried to say he knew how they felt
Logos- trying to say that white man killed his brother and a white man killed MLK
Kairos- in the 1960s and he was speaking mostly to a colored audience
Telos- he wanted to get the message about MLK death out to the people because he wanted to stop the crimes that could follow after the news got out

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