Notes Jd
  • We are constantly making judgments about everyone we see even if we do not actively make the lists in our head and think about it.
  • Rhetoric is the way we use language and images to persuade others (especially in media)
  • Understand the above note is important because it allows us to better evaluate the true message that we are seeing.
  • if we do not stop and think about this we will become mindless consumers who buy into everything and are very easily persuaded by others
  • there are many social influences that involve rhetoric
  • we create our own social rhetoric everyday by what type of clothing we wear and what style we portray to others in our lives.
  • “wherever there is persuasion, there is rhetoric. And wherever there is ‘meaning,’ there is ‘persuasion.’ Food eaten and digested is not rhetoric. But in the meaning of food there is much rhetoric, the meaning being persuasive enough for the idea of food to be used, like the ideas of religion, as a rhetorical device of statesmen” a quote from Kenneth Burke.
  • rhetorical messages always occur in a specific context
  • rhetorical triangle of writer, reader, purpose
  • the heart of the matter is the argument aka what they are trying to persuade the reader (you) to do, buy or so fourth.
  • pathos, logos, ethos are used
  • pathos is a good option to use if you only have a short amount of time to persuade the audience of something
  • important to draw conclusions about the rhetoric
  • this is all important to us because much of reading and learning in college involves a least some sort of rhetorical analysis, and this will continue on with us throughout life.
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