Notes Rachel Modrow

Backpacks vs Briefcases

  • Everyone judges when someone enters a room or passes by whether we try or not.
  • The way people look is one way we judge.
  • Media is one way that we analyze people by seeing what is in style and what is 'appropriate'
  • Media rhetoric: the way we use language and images to persuade
  • Everything we see in the media is there to try to persuade us in some way.
  • Audience is very important
  • Constraints are what will hold you back when analyzing.
  • You really want to understand the argument.
  • If we already intellectually agree with something its hard to get us to act unless we're persuaded in our heart.
  • Logos:claims, chain of reasoning
  • Pathos: emotional, audience, shared value
  • Ethos: speaker, authority, credibility
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