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Notes from the assignment Backpacks vs. Briefcases

  • Whether we are aware of it or not we are analyzing those everyday. We take from what we see and draw a description of who they are.
  • There are three parts to understanding context of a rhetorical moment: Exigence. audience, constraints.
  1. Exigence- Circumstance or condition that invites a response. (usually responding to some kind of problem).
  2. Audience- Choose your audience and who you are addressing your problem too. If something needs to be changed make sure you target the appropriate audience.
  3. Constraints- The last piece that holds the power to constrain a decision and action to modify the exigence.
  • "Wherever there is persuasion there is rhetoric" (Carroll)
  • Most important to understand is the argument. That triumphs rhetoric, audience, and exigence.

The paper uses great examples of exigence, audience, and constraints. For an even better understanding visit: Backpacks vs. Breifcases

February 19th 2014
Augmentative Paper Notes
For the argumentative paper you need to first establish that the problem exists. Second argue for your cause, and lastly deal with counterarguments. (such as other causes for your problem). Ex writing about how certain ingredients should be banned from the U.S. as well since there are many negatives about certain ingredients you would have to look at what else could be the downfall. Pick causes that you could have a solution for because the last paper is a solution paper.

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