Organizing Solution Proposal Alex

Piracy and illegal downloading of anime, manga and software is a hard thing to stop and there are many factors that contribute to it. There are some things that can be done to help stop it though.

Inaccessibility of legal goods

  • Websites for finding legal goods and a way to pay for access to the site
    • Japan already has one
    • Create an account, like Netflix
    • Netflix and other legitimate sites have some anime
      • Include more anime, include manga too
  • More stores
    • increase the availability of these stores
      • incentives for these stores
        • Anime Conventions
          • More stores nearby/ more conventions
    • Walmart has some anime
      • See if they can increase the amount they sell, sell more Manga
        • Walmart needs to see that people will buy these products
  • Places to share software
    • available to modify and share software
    • Harder to give CD's/ download more than one time
      • Codes for some software
        • only can be used once
  • Easier to get goods from China
    • Most goods come from China and some people don't trust China
    • Shipping from China can be expensive or unreliable
      • My own experiences
        • Halloween Costume story

Easily accessed illegal goods

  • harder to access
    • more filters
      • Not as easy to locate on Google
        • Like free US movie sites
    • Pressure for people to take down their sites
      • Like Youtube taking down copyright material
        • Examples ex: MangaFox
        • Why it won't work
          • one source that talks about free software and freedom of speech

False beliefs of the industry and who is really hurt

  • Changing the attitudes towards the industry
    • Showing who is really hurt
    • Educating the people
      • increase in funding
        • legislative action to get funding

No support for stopping piracy

  • Get support from the police
    • include Sweden example
  • Get support for Japan from the US and China
    • Japan's new law and lack of support

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