Outline For Solution Paper


Thesis- Obesity is a major issue in our society today. For one it stems mostly from social environment issues that influence all other reasons for obesity. Many may say different with explanations like it’s a just a calorie out calorie in deal. And though there reasons may be plausible it is guaranteed that reason surfaced from the social environment. The same hold true for solutions. There are many theories to how to stop obesity. Some may say starting health programs is the solutions, others may say controlling the companies who produce bad food is the answer. There are countless solutions for solving obesity, but the best one that will counter or implement all of them is using the government to control the social environment. Not so far that it will strip liberties but far enough to make people see the healthy choice as the easy choice.

Opening- Explain paper and add thesis

Arguing cause- make sure to designate obesity as a problem and then use counter argument to shut down all other reasons for why obesity starts. Then explain how obesity come about through social environment.

Solution proposal- state solution and explain how using government to slowly influence society will bring about a healthier tomorrow. Also state how it will implement all other solutions to the problem and counter other solutions by saying they are all useless alone but together they can work. Give merit to other solutions and how they are reasonable and say how using the government to slowly use all of them to change people’s social norm will fix obesity.

Conclusion- restate thesis and make sure to note things in paper. Finish strong by holding firm ground on solution

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