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Standard based grading is becoming increasingly common and being more incorporated into schools across the nation. This grading system is built to show the more detailed learning of each student. One school in Brooklyn, NY is giving its students grades based on color: Green means the student has mastered the material, Yellow means the student is on track, and red means the student may need some more time to grasp the material. Using a system like this makes it easier for both the parents and the teachers to identify where each student is and what needs to be fixed in order to get each student to be proficient at all standards of learning for that particular grade. This system of grading can be quite confusing and is one that must need a lot of understanding to fully grasp the power of this new concept. Some schools are having difficulty reaching out to families who may not have easy access to internet on a daily basis which is how the grades are usually documented. This creates a problem when trying to learn the new system and also in being aware of where their children are in their learning process. Standard based grading is still getting the kinks worked out, but has potential to change the way report cards and learning is viewed, for the better.

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A school in Brooklyn, NY has changed the way we see report cards. By incorporating standard based grading at their school, they have made it easier for students, parents and teachers to communicate about where an individual child may be struggling. This system is created to show each standard of learning and how the child is progressing individually which allows each child to move at their own pace until they are deemed proficient at each standard. This system is by no means perfected, but is gradually spreading across the nation and will benefit those students who are struggling by highlighting where exactly it is that they need more help in the classroom.

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Standard based grading was created to showcase individual standards of learning instead of an overall grade showing where students need help.

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