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Around the world standard based grading is becoming a very popular way to grade intelligence all around the world. This is a very cut and dry way to show how students are learning. There are many different ways to show how students are learning with out using a GPA(Grade point average) a few of the main ways to show a students progression in studies is with colors and or numbers. Green means that the student is excelling and is doing well, yellow means the student is on track and red means they are behind and don't really understand whats happening. Schools are doing the same with numbers, 4 being regarded to as an A and the rest of the numbers moving down the chain. Students that are in the Red mark or in the 1 placement typically mean they wont pass the class, it basically means they are failing out. Some schools and supporters say the standard based grading is easier to understand and allows students and parents to connect with the teachers better to understand how to improve grades. Others may say its unfair and difficult to understand, and it is harder to succeed. People agree that standard based grading can be hit or miss.

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Standard based grading has become a very popular way to track students progress with a very different way then letter grading. There are 2 main ways of tracking students progress with standard based grading, one way is the use of colors Green is good, yellow means your on track and red basically means you're failing. there is also a number grading technique, 4 being the best and 1 the worst. A lot of students and parents enjoy this system because it helps students connect with teachers better. On the other hand there are many students that say this method can make it more difficult to score better grades.

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This new method of standard base grading makes it easier for teachers to hand out grades, using colors and numbers.

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