Paraphrasing Megan L

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The article was about a new grading system called standerd-based grading. The system was different from the old way. It consisted of a red, yellow, or green grade. Red means that the student still has a ways to go before mastering the material, yellow means that student is on their way to getting the material, and green means that the student has mastered the skill. This grading system is good for the students with learning disorders. It is nice for the students with disorders because it will prevent them from getting behind. The student won't be able to go on without getting a green. With he old reading system people were moving on with just a passing grade when sometimes that isn't enough. Many schools are starting to pick up this new system. It is a good way for the parents to also see how their children are doing in class. All the parents' need it access to the Internet and the ability to view and understand how it works. School used to be the teacher teaching the class the same thing in one big group whereas now they are splitting it up into smaller groups of three or four.

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This article was about a grading system that is emerging called standard-based grading. The grading system includes a color grading scale of green, yellow, and green. Green meaning you have mastered the material, yellow meaning you are on track to mastering the material, and red meaning you still have work to do before mastering the material. This system apposed to the regular A,B,C,D,F scale help the the students with not getting behind and moving to the next thing without fully knowing what the were just learning. This grading technique will grade students on over 70 skills all reaching a color grade. This makes it clear what they know how to do and what they need to work on.

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A new grading scale involving colors is emerging called standard-based grading. This grading system is a very easy and clear way of grading. Each thing students learn will get graded with a color and that shows how well they understand the material. It is easy for the parent to see their child's process through the year and keeps them updated. All the parent needs it access to the internet.

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