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This article by Matt Collette talks about the transition from letter grades M.S. 442. The system helps students and their parents realize that the school system is focusing more on having children learn material rather than saying who is the smartest. They use the colors red, yellow, and green to show the progress of the students. Red means the child is just starting, yellow means they are working on it but need more progress, and green means they’ve mastered that skill area. There are 70 skill areas that the students learn. They learn these skill areas one on one or in small groups rather than in a large classroom group. The teachers move around the room and really focus on making sure that the students understand the material.
One of the main problems with M.S. 442 is trying to get the parents to understand it. While some parents have time to read the material about the system, others do not, so they find it unfair. Some parents think that it is wrong that the children get to take tests and quizzes over and over. Collette responds to this saying, “Grades now have less to do with who’s on top and more to do with making sure students actually learn the skills and lessons they need before moving on to the next grade.”
M.S. 442 is being put in place in different states and could be the new grading system for grade schools.

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Matt Collette’s article explains the transition from letter grading to color grading (M.S. 442). The three colors are red, yellow, and green; red meaning work needs to be done, yellow meaning they are about half done with the learning process, and green meaning they’ve mastered the skill area. This system helps students learn the material without worrying about failing. M.S. 442 ensures that the students will actually learn the material. Some parents, who do not have time to inform themselves are this biggest setback, but teachers are doing all they can to explain the benefits of the color system. M.S. 442 is being put in place in many states and has to potential to be the new grading system in grade schools.

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This article explains M.S. 442 and its ability to ensure students' learning simply by giving them color grades instead of letter grades.

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