Paris Thomas
I'm on the left and my sister, Carissa, is on the right.


My name is Paris Thomas and I am a freshman at Bemidji State University. I was born in Palm Springs, CA, but now live in Slayton, Minnesota. Slayton is a tiny town in the southwest corner of Minnesota. For the school year, I am a resident of Tamarack. I am the youngest of three sisters and I have five animals. I like to play volleyball/go to the gym, eat mac and cheese, or sleep in my free time.

Concact Information

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Class Work

Rhetorical Situation Paris
Notes Paris
Scholarly Statement Paris
Support Analysis Paris
Missing Support K Wong P Thomas
Rhetorical Analysis Paris
Annotated Bibliography Paris
Project Proposal Paris
Arguing Cause Paris
Interview Paris
Logical Fallacies Paris
Proposal Essay Responses Paris
Proposal Free Write Paris
Solution Proposal Organized Map Paris
Solution Proposal Paris
Paraphrasing Paris

Possible Topics For Research

The water shortage on the West Coast. What are we going to do about it and who needs to sacrifice?
Synthetic drugs and what they will do to our youth and future generations.
Either one looks good, Paris. —Hamann

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