Project Proposal Alex

What societal problem or problems have you identified while researching your topic?

-By pirating anything you are hurting the

  • Economy
  • Artists
  • Anyone else involved such as the
    • Drivers needed to transport the items
    • Makers of the item (DVD makers, CD makers)
    • Actors
    • Extras
    • Stores
    • Yourself-the money is taken out of the economy which can hurt you in the end

What are the causes of this problem? Was it intentional? Are there extenuating circumstances?

  • Easy availability of pirated goods
  • Cost of legal goods
  • Unavailability of cheaper legal goods in a certain area such as
    • Japanese anime
    • Japanese manga
    • CD's
    • DVDs
  • Inability of other countries to prosecute
  • Inability of other countries to shut down certain websites

What can we do about it? Is there any action that can be taken to change this? What action has been already attempted to address this problem? Why wasn't it successful?

We can buy only legal goods, boycott certain websites, and try to support legal companies and countries as much as we can. Japan attempted to shut down illegal websites over the Summer to try to stop piracy. It wasn't successful because Japan didn't have the support of China or the US, Japan couldn't take down foreign websites or prosecute the operators of the websites without foreign help.

Project Proposal Part Two

In what ways is this thesis and topic challenging (p.108)?

My thesis is challenging because I am trying to show just who is hurt by piracy and how much is lost by piracy. I also want to find out some way to stop piracy, how other countries have done it and why it failed. I also want to find out why piracy is so big, why people do it.

How is this thesis and topic compelling (p.108)?

Piracy is a big thing, many people have done it, whether it was intentional or not. Many people are hurt by piracy, whether it is obvious or not.

In what ways is this thesis and topic debatable or controversial (p. 109)?

My topic is controversial because many people pirate movies or music. Some people feel like they aren't harming anyone and many people feel it is their right to have access to free movies and music.


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