Project Proposal Katie

What societal problem or problems have you identified while researching your topic?

  • The problem: There is a lack of funding for rural schools

What are the causes of this problem? Was it intentional? Are there extenuating circumstances?

  • The cause: There have been numerous schools who have had to find solutions for their problem of lacking school funds. In some cases schools have had to cut programs or change their school schedule to a four-day week.

What can we do about it? Is there any action that can be taken to change this? What action has been already attempted to address this problem? Why wasn't it successful?

  • I think that as more schools try the four-day week they will begin to notice a difference with student achievement, overall attendance, cost effectiveness, and many other things. There have been some schools, including my former high school, that has tried the four-day week and had success with it. At my school we had to implement the four-day week due to a lack of school funds. After three years of having a four-day week, our school saved enough money to have the option to keep teachers, rather than having to let people go. The four-day week is mostly used in rural schools, so I have not heard of how successful it has been in other schools.

Thesis: Schools should switch to the four-day week because it is a great thing for the general well being of the school, it increases the attendance of students and teachers, and it saves money for schools.

In what ways is this thesis and topic challenging (p.108)?

  • This topic is challenging because it can go either way by asking the question of why are schools lacking in funding, or why has the government made the four-day week "illegal" in Minnesota.

How is this thesis and topic compelling (p.108)?

  • It is compelling because a lot of schools are being faced with the decision of having to switch to a four-day week or possibly having to cut school programs.

In what ways is this thesis and topic debatable or controversial (p. 109)?

  • This is a highly controversial topic because there are good reasons for both sides on whether they believe schools should switch to a four-day week or not.
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