Project Proposal Nw

The problem is that we are throwing away too much product/material that has potential to be reused to benefit us in different ways. The cause of this problem is that the consumer isn't aware of the affects that their waste is having on the environment.

  • What societal problem or problems have you identified while researching your topic?
    • The societal problem is that we are throwing out a variety of things that can be reused, like food for composting.
  • What are the causes of this problem? Was it intentional? Are there extenuating circumstances?
    • The causes of the problem is that we are just unaware of our actions. Also that we may be aware of the problem, but too busy with our lives to care about ways we can make a difference.
  • What can we do about it? Is there any action that can be taken to change this? What action has been already attempted to address this problem? Why wasn't it successful?
    • Provide more awareness about recycling and reusing products that still have some life left in them. Statewide composting businesses have been staring up to provide this composting service to those who want to use its benefits.
  • In what ways is this thesis and topic challenging?
    • Ways that this thesis and topic are challenging is the amount of time it takes to produce a compost. It takes up to a year for it to become usable, leaving that first year susceptible to ignorant behavior while the process begins.
  • How is this thesis and topic compelling?
    • More and more people are becoming aware of the fact that if we don't change our habits of waste, bad things will happen.
  • In what ways is this thesis and topic debatable or controversial?
    • Many will see this topic as something that doesn't apply to them because maybe in 50 years they won't be here and the state of the earth won't matter to them. So they then choose to not participate creating controversy with younger generations who will still be here in 50 years and who do care what the earth will be like then.
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