Proposal Essay Responses Alex
  • Explain how Edmondson responds to opposing points of view. Describe specific passages in which she counters those or concedes and refutes them.

In the second paragraph on page 2 she talks about how these stores seem like a good idea, she then refutes that by talking about how the only money being put back into the economy is the workers' paycheck.
In the paragraph before that she bring up how having a big store like Walmart may be convenient, it hurts downtown stores.

  • Identify her main claim and at least three supporting claims. For each of these claims, describe one piece of support she has that is linked to each claim.

Her main claim is that big stores like Walmart are a bad thing
Some of her supporting claims are that
Walmart can hurt the economy of the town, the money Walmart makes goes into another state, not back into the town
Local businesses are forgotten, people go to Walmart because it's cheap and convenient
The town loses its culture, the family owned businesses can't afford to stay in business so they close

  • Edmondson uses sources throughout her argument. Which ones are the most effective? Why?

I would have to say that they are all effective, the one that I liked the most was the "New Rules For New Localism" this one made a good point, small business care about more than the bottom line

  • Introduction
  • Describes the town she grows up in, Scottsville, and how she moved to Cadillac
  • Describes harmful effects of box stores
  • States that culture should be preserved, and it wont be if big box stores move into town
  • Responds to claims
    • Box stores are good for the community
  • compares economics between box stores and local businesses
    • box stores may have cheaper prices, but the economical impact is far greater
  • Responds to counterarguments
    • uses quotes to strengthen stance
  • How personal experiences relate to argument
  • wants communities to grow as a whole, not just certain areas
  • Solution is presented, middle ground between local and corporate
  • describes working at Walmart
  • consumerism is harmful
  • provides different examples of what can be done
  • conclusion
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