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* Explain how Edmondson responds to opposing points of view. Describe specific passages in which she counters those or concedes and refutes them.
Edmondson responds to opposing in a very mature and organized way. She was able to accept the opposing side, and did not make it seem like they did not have their own reasonings but was able to add her own opinons and reasonings behind the opposing view making her view seem more important to the issue. In one passage she starts by saying "While it may seem like the Walmarts and Meijers of the world bring variety to their host towns, thereby adding to the local culture, these giants truly have the opposite effect." Pg 3. She did a great job of addressing what most people may seem to be true, that these superstores are awesome and so convenient. However, after she addressed the opposing side she then went on to add her own opinion on why she thought it was important for people to understand the culture that these big box stores are taking away from these towns.

  • Identify her main claim and at least three supporting claims. For each of these claims, describe one piece of support she has that is linked to each claim.

Main Claim
Edmondsons main claim in my opinion is that big box stores take away from the culture and livelihood of a small town and the lifestyle of small town people.
She talks first about the great culture of Scottville and the small family owned stores and business that thrived. Then transitions to talk about Cadillac, which has been imprinted upon by the big box stores and the empty feeling that is there without the small businesses and family owned stores and the dangers that come with giving into the corporate stores.
Supporting Claims

  1. Neglect of Culture - "It became apparent that this excess, this glowing corporate presence was making itself the economic and cultural center of town while Cadillac neglected to preserve its culture, its own unique intellectual and artistic tastes."

Edmondson talks a lot about how the chain stores do not take into consideration the culture of the local communities and simply stock their stores with whatever is decided upon in the board meetings at store headquarters. This leaves the towns with no sense of true culture but simply the culture that is being spread throughout the rest of the US.

  1. Cheaper prices come with higher cost- Edmondson addresses the fact that even with a lower price tag, the big box stores come with a higher price of losing the small businesses in the town. Not only are they losing smaller businesses that often have higher quality products but also losing money to the community since a lot of the money that goes into corporate stores leaves the community and never returns. Although she did address the jobs that are offered through the bigger stores.
  2. Local Farmers losing their jobs- Edmondson shared a story about a farmer who has made his living off of selling eggs and meat at a whole sale price to people in town and when the big stores came he lost his farm and had to work for a factory. Not only are the farmers affected by the corporations but so is the whole town economy.

* Edmondson uses sources throughout her argument. Which ones are the most effective? Why?
The most effective sources in my opinion were the stories told by people who had lived in cities where corporations took over. Those to me had the most impact because it was people who had their lives totally changed and had first had experience losing their jobs and way of life.

Outline of Argument

Paragraphs 1-4

Opposing views:
Paragraphs 5-7

Paragraphs 8-11

Corporations can sometimes be good :
Paragraphs 12-13

Paragraphs 14-16

Paragraphs: 17-18

Paragraph 19

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