Proposal Essay Responses Claire

Explain how Edmondson responds to opposing points of view. Describe specific passages in which she counters those or concedes and refutes them.

  • She explains why cheaper items and reasonable wages are actually not as good as they seem to be. She claims that cheaper price tags aren't actually much cheaper, and that the money gained from the store goes elsewhere instead of back into the community. Also the wages are bare minimum. They are just enough so you can get by but they are not enough to help anyone achieve their dreams or to go anywhere.
    • She explains why the price tag is figuratively more expensive on the second page, second to last paragraph starting with, "And it is shortsighted to say…". Also the paragraph right before the one mentioned here talks about the wages starting with, "Local culture…".
  • the big box stores also claim to be helping the community but she refutes claiming that if big box stores get rid of the mom and pop stores than the town loses out on their culture and their local merchandise. Also the money from the big box store goes elsewhere compared to a small mom and pop store where the money earned there would be redistributed back into the community
    • She mentions the effect box stores have on the community in a couple of places but she first talks about it on page 2, the paragraph starting with, "While it may seem…"

Identify her main claim and at least three supporting claims. For each of these claims, describe one piece of support she has that is linked to each claim.

Main claim:

  • Big box-stores take business away from the family owned stores
    • She talks about the city of Cadillac and why Scottville is in danger of following in their footsteps. "A million reasons, a single store." She also uses a quote from Stacy Mitchell.

Other claims:

  • Gets rid of the social aspect
    • Support: Maslows hierarchy of needs
  • No more 'local'
    • Support: She uses the story of a gentleman she once talked to who explained twenty years ago he could walk to town to get his eggs and milk from the local farmer. he knew where he was getting it from and the price was reasonable and it would go back into the community
  • No use for the skills people devleop over the years
    • Support: Bottom of page four. Paragraph starting with, "As well as…". She explains that working in a locally owned store helps you develop new skills like making fudge and brewing coffee where as working at walmart you just learn to put boxes away and run the cash register

Edmondson uses sources throughout her argument. Which ones are the most effective? Why?

  • Her main claims include using quotes from various people (Stacy Mitchell, Albert Norman, Donovan D. Rypkema, and Albert Camus). Along with the quotes she talks about her own experience regarding small communities and big box stores coming in.
  • I believe the most effective ones are a combination of her personal stories coupled with the quotes and opinions from various experts. This brings emotion into her argument. You know she cares about the topic and the quotes from the experts bring in a second opinion that supports her own.

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