Proposal Essay Responses Katie

Proposal Essay Responses

Explain how Edmondson responds to opposing points of view. Describe specific passages in which she counters those or concedes and refutes them.

  • Box stores are good for the community is one of the opposing points of view that Edmondson talks about in her article.
    • Edmondson states that "Economically, allowing chain sites into a town would seem like a sound game plan…However, the money grossed at these stores does not stay in the community."

Identify her main claim and at least three supporting claims. For each of these claims, describe one piece of support she has that is linked to each claim.

  • Her claim is that small towns are losing their culture due to big box stores taking over.
    • Edmondson supports her claim by starting out with comparing Scottville and Cadillac. In this comparison she talks about how the box stores had ruined the downtown part of Cadillac, while in Scottville the town worked together locally. Another supporting fact for her claim is when she talks about the farmer that had to sell his farm because he could no longer compete with the big box stores prices. One last supporting claim that Edmondson has is that the people in the towns with the big box stores are no longer a community. Instead people focus more on themselves instead of helping their community.

Edmondson uses sources throughout her argument. Which ones are the most effective? Why?

  • I think that Edmondson's most powerful source was the farmer that had to sell his farm. This is the most powerful source because it is someone who has really been affected by the argument that Edmondson makes. Her other sources are people that have just done research on the topic, but were not truly affected it.

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