Proposal Essay Responses Lb

In this article Edmondson seems to have two different point of views, people for Walmart and Meijers the people who are very Dependent and then people who are very independent who basically do everything themselves a very blue collar working environment. She explains that the people who support Walmart and Meijers are not very culturally diverse because Walmart doesn't care about what the people want they just stock the shelves and do what ever HQ tells them to do. And on the other hand when you have people in your town running the stores and supplying the food and actually listen to what people want it makes people more happy and makes them feel special. Basically her main claim is that little towns are better and provide to people better because they know what people need and want, they are hard working blue collar people. She says in her article that in her small farming town shes know the food is produced by a nearby field and is sown and harvested by people she knows. The citizens were very self-reliant and resourceful. Small farm towns promised jobs because that is how they supply the food and resources. The food was considered healthier. The best sources were the ones that were quoted from people in the farm towns or from Walmart or other big food chains.

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