Proposal Essay Responses Paris
  • Explain how Edmondson responds to opposing points of view. Describe specific passages in which she counters those or concedes and refutes them.

Edmondson explains that big box companies offer jobs, but they don't offer skills. They can teach someone how to operate a cash register, stock shelves, and how to get paid very little, but they can't teach trades such as beading.
The big box companies offer jobs, cheaper products, and security with national brand recognition. The money grossed at these companies does not stay in the community and threatens the small town life.

  • Identify her main claim and at least three supporting claims. For each of these claims, describe one piece of support she has that is linked to each claim.

Her main claim is that big box companies destroy small town living and put mom and pop businesses out of business.
One example of support is that the numbers on the price tag are smaller, but the cost of the stores is high. Big box stores can put family businesses out of business and destroy a legacy.
Another piece of support is that they not only hurt towns economically, but also the social environment. The big box stores make "regulars" go away which causes the sense of community to go away with it. Relationships deteriorate and we turn into consumers rather than citizens.
One more example of support is the man whose farming business was ruined by big box companies. His important skill of farming went to waste and he lost years of his life working in a factory.

  • Edmondson uses sources throughout her argument. Which ones are the most effective? Why?

I think the support about the man who she spoke to who could walk down the street to buy his eggs, milk, and meat for a wholesale price. This wasn't backed up by research or an educated person, but it was good support to me because I felt sadness for the man whose business was gone. He probably loved what he did and loved that the money he earned went right back into the community. It was all taken from him and the sense of community in his life was replaced by a factory job.

Reverse Outline
This is a problem that could be very common in any small town.

They offer cheaper items and provide jobs, but these jobs don't actually teach anything other than how to stock a shelf or run a cash REGISTER.
There are some benefits to bringing in the big box stores, including cheaper prices and a SECURITY with national brand recognition. The downside of this is that the money that comes in to these businesses doesn't stay in the community. Also, these stores don't offer benefits to employees and don't give back much to the community.

Big box stores should meet with community members to see if it would be ok to have a building there (before they start building).

Description of the proposed solution: how it would address the situation and its cause. How life would look once it was implemented.
Support (evidence and appeals) for the solution: why it should be implemented.
Counterarguments against other solutions: how other solutions fall short. Remember people, concede and refute. Concede and refute.
Return to support and justification for your solution.
V. Engaging conclusion that sums it all up and does not confuse the reader by introducing something new or returning to opposing points of view. END STRONG.

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