Proposal Free Writers Berkelman
  • A solution for the problem I have been talking about, solitary confinement, is to have regulations placed on the amount of time someone can spend in solitary confinement, and what sends people there.
  • My solution is logical and humane. Logical because people who are being put in solitary confinement should be seen as a threat, instead of being placed there because it is easier for the guards to maintain. Also, it is more humane because it does not punish inmates who do not deserve to be in solitary confinement, but also, the amount of time they would spend in solitary confinement would not be great enough to cause psychological damage. My method would not be able to be argued as going against the constitution for "cruel and unusual punishment" because it would fix all the things that make it cruel and unusual.
  • Others argue that solitary confinement is fine the way it is and should still be used today, while other believe solitary confinement should be completely abolished. My version is better because the current version is incredibly flawed. Many inmates suffer and are damaged from the type of treatment applied today. However, completely abolishing it would leave prisons vulnerable, giving them nowhere to contain violent and aggressive inmates during an outbreak or episode. Therefore, if there were regulations in place to ensure that no inmate would receive any type of damage from the exposure, like the system in my proposal, it would be possible to keep the method of solitary confinement, and potentially, without any of the negative side effects.
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