Proposal Free Writes Alex T

What solution can you propose to the societal problem you've been writing about? How will your solution address the primary cause of the crisis?

I can suggest trying to educate people on who is really hurt and lowering the price of expensive software also make sites where people can buy anime and manga so then it is accessible to everyone. It addresses the cause because some people feel software, anime and manga are too expensive so they illegally download and things like anime and manga which come from Japan might be too hard to find around where they live so they might find a free website and watch it.

How is your solution particularly practical, logical, manageable, ethical, humane, or economical?

It is practical because trying to catch or deter people from using sites isn't working and this might work. It is logical because if they are cheaper and easier to get to then people might buy from there. It is ethical because some people argue that taking down sites and arresting people isn't right because things should be accessible to everyone. It is economical because then money will be used to buy the products rather than downloading them for free.

What else has been tried or proposed? Why is your solution the solution your audience should embrace?

In other countries they tried to make it illegal and catch people who use these sites, it hasn't worked. If things are cheaper and easier to get a hold of then people might start using it rather than download illegally.

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