Proposal Free Writes Hamnes
  • What solution can you propose to the societal problem you've been writing about? How will your solution address the primary cause of the crisis?
  • My solution would be to lower the drinking age, it would fix the problem of unsupervised drinking which can lead to binge drinking, accidental deaths and sexual assaults.
  • How is your solution particularly practical, logical, manageable, ethical, humane, or economical?
  • It is a simple solution that would help to boost the economy in the alcohol industry by allowing more people to drink in restaurants and bars. They will also be less likely to drive drunk at bars when your drinking publicly with people who wouldn't allow you to drive if you're too drunk.
  • What else has been tried or proposed? Why is your solution the solution your audience should embrace?
  • Cops have been cracking down on underage drinking and busting parties for many years. Which causes minors to just be more secretive with their drinking. There's also very strict laws against providing alcohol to minors, but it's still just as easy for minors to attain alcohol. The solution to lowering the drinking age is the best and most practical because it allows them to drink in public instead of dangerous places.
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