Proposal Free Writing Katie

Proposal Free Writing

What solution can you propose to the societal problem you've been writing about? How will your solution address the primary cause of the crisis?

  • Schools can help their problem with low funding by saving money themselves. They can do this many different ways, but one of the ways schools are trying to save money is to switch to an alternative school week. In many cases schools will have a four day week by not having school either Monday or Friday. This can save schools on electricity, transportation, many other things. Not only does the alternative school week save schools money, but it also helps the overall well being of the school. I will talk about the many different ways how the alternative school week can save schools money and benefit them is many different ways.

How is your solution particularly practical, logical, manageable, ethical, humane, or economical?

  • My solution is economical because schools won't have to be running electricity throughout the whole school for five days a week. Instead, they will have cut down a day of using electricity. Also with only four days of school, buses won't have to be used to pick kids up on the day they choose to not have school. This is a logical solution because it is saving the schools money in an effort to not having to let teachers go.

What else has been tried or proposed? Why is your solution the solution your audience should embrace?

  • The alternative school week is something that schools should try because it has been used in many different schools around the US with many successful outcomes. I personally went to a school that choose to implement an alternative school week, and it ended up saving our school a lot of money. With saving the money that our school did, it allowed two or more teachers to keep their jobs instead of being let go. That doesn't sound like a lot, but when you live in a small town and go to a small school, it is hard anytime to loose a teacher.
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