Rachel Modrow


My name is Rachel. I grew up in Champlin, MN. I have a younger sister and a dog. I am currently a freshman majoring in Elementary Education. I would also love to become a sports reporter, I have always idolized Michele Tafoya on Sunday Night Football. I am a huge Minnesota Vikings fan and follow everything nfl. I love Adrian Peterson. I played tennis in high school and I still love to play. I enjoy being outdoors, fishing, camping, hiking, running and everything else. My cabin, in the Brainerd area is my favorite place to be. I am a country music fan, Miranda Lambert and Luke Bryan are my favorites.



Assignment One- Annotated Bibliography

notes- rachel modrow
everyday arguments- rachel modrow
bitzer- rachel modrow
free writes- rachel modrow
annotated bibliography- rachel modrow
annotated bib peer review- rachel modrow

Assignment Two- Arguing Cause

free writes- rachel modrow
arguing cause peer review- rachel modrow
arguing cause- rachel modrow

Assignment Three- Solution Proposal

free writes- rachel modrow
ch 2 notes- rachel modrow
solution proposal peer review- rachel modrow
solution proposal- rachel modrow

Citizens and Consumers- Rachel, Olivia and Mitch

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