Rhetorical Analysis JS

In the article written by Nicholas Carr titled, "Is Google Making Us Stupid? What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains", was printed in The Atlantic online magazine. In the article Carr indicts how the internet, specifically Google, has an effect on people's everyday living. He states how people don't read books, newspapers, etc. as much as they use due to internet access. Google is a quick and easy way to get any information a person is looking for. Back when the internet wasn't as popular, a person would look through pages and pages of a book(s) to find what they were looking for but now, Google gives that person an instant answer to what they are looking for.

Carr indicates the internet is not only making people stupid but, states people cannot fully read a printed article without skimming through it or getting easily bored and finding something else to do. The brain is now interpreting symbols from the internet. It somehow isn't the same as reading from a paperback book.

The audience he is trying to get the attention of are those who use the internet on a daily basis to do research.

Carr doesn't have reliable support. He mentions what he thinks are facts but, doesn't add supportive information.
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