Rhetorical Analysis Peer Review Alex T


In regards to this writing assignment, what are you most worried about?
I am most worried about looking for linkages, I know what they are but I am not very good at picking them out.


  • First, help the writer with their stated concerns ^

Taylor: I think the linkages that you have are good.

  • How well can you follow the writer's line of reasoning? Are there any places where you got a little lost, or things seemed less clear?

Taylor: I follow your line of reasoning.

  • Does the writer address the rhetorical situation sufficiently (purpose, audience, author, genre, and context)? If not, where do you think they need to add or clarify information?

Taylor: Yes.

  • Does the writer identify the:
    • catalyst
    • main claim (thesis)
    • supports
    • linkages
    • implications

Taylor: Yes.

  • Does the writer give evidence from the article to back up their analysis?

Taylor: Yes.

  • Finally, write a few sentences describing your reactions to the text as you were reading it.

Taylor: As I was reading, I thought this piece was very put together. I could easily pick out references from the article and you had everything you needed for this assignment, from what I could tell.

Noelle:I think you do a fine job finding the linkages, but maybe try and explain them a little more? Just a thought.

Your writing is very clear and flows nicely. I didn't have any trouble following your writing/reasoning.

I believe you addressed all of them. Did you address context and/or genre? I can't seem to find or remember it in your writing.

You identify claim, support, linkages, and implication I think very well. Maybe provide page numbers for the info you found.

You use the article very well, but maybe use page numbers?

I think it was a very strong piece of writing. It flowed well and you used supports well. As I said earlier, maybe use the page numbers of the article for your supports. As far as linkages, I think you have good ones in there. I would maybe explain it in one or two more sentences. Context or genre? Over all, great job!:)

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