Rhetorical Analysis Peer Review JS


In regards to this writing assignment, what are you most worried about?
Not having enough information


  • First, help the writer with their stated concerns ^
    • It can be difficult to collect information, but I would go over the article and pick things that you believe are important and pick it apart. - Dylan
    • What I did was look back at the support analysis that we did and looked at the missing support that we did in class. It is kind of hard to find information, but I think you have a very nice start. - Katie
  • How well can you follow the writer's line of reasoning? Are there any places where you got a little lost, or things seemed less clear?
    • It is clear and understandable - Dylan
    • It is very clear and flows very nice - Katie
  • Does the writer address the rhetorical situation sufficiently (purpose, audience, author, genre, and context)? If not, where do you think they need to add or clarify information?
    • Missing the genre and a information about the author - Dylan
    • I didn't see the genre or information about the author - Katie
  • Does the writer identify the:
    • catalyst -no
    • main claim (thesis) -yes
    • supports -yes
    • linkages -no
    • implications -no
  • Does the writer give evidence from the article to back up their analysis?
    • Yes, you have statement but could gather more information on evidence - Dylan
    • Yes, you have a good start on information from the article, but could use more evidence and supports that the author made - Katie
  • Finally, write a few sentences describing your reactions to the text as you were reading it.
    • It was readable and the thing I would suggest the most is re-reading the article again to get more information. - Dylan
    • Over all your writing is really good, I would just get a little more information the best you can. Great Job! - Katie
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