Rhetorical Analysis Peer Review LM


In regards to this writing assignment, what are you most worried about?

In this assignment, I do not have much doubt about the type or writing. It does not take much of your imagination to read an article and analyze it. The only thing that concerns me slightly is understanding the terminology such as the genre, or the context.


  • First, help the writer with their stated concerns ^

Claire: The terminology is a little difficult. I'm not even sure if I defined it correctly. I believe you did a good job though.
Luke: Im in overall agreement with both of you, i believe some of the questions were hard to understand. and it was difficult to pick out the terminmology and genre. But i think you did a good job with what you found difficult.

  • How well can you follow the writer's line of reasoning? Are there any places where you got a little lost, or things seemed less clear?

Claire: Everything is up front and labeled. You did a good job of organizing your information.
Luke: Its not so much paragraph as i think asked, but because of that it is organized nicely.

  • Does the writer address the rhetorical situation sufficiently (purpose, audience, author, genre, and context)? If not, where do you think they need to add or clarify information?
  • Does the writer identify the:
    • catalyst CS: yes LB:Yes
    • main claim (thesis) CS: yes LB:Yes
    • supports CS: yes LB:Yes
    • linkages CS: yes LB:Yes
    • implications CS: yes LB:Yes
  • Does the writer give evidence from the article to back up their analysis?

Claire: Yes she does.

  • Finally, write a few sentences describing your reactions to the text as you were reading it.'
  • Claire: Her writing is very straight forward and gets right to the point.
  • Luke: I thought what you typed was explained very well and it seemed like you did good research. Although it seemed to be answered as if it was a short answer response, not a paper. But besides that i thought you did well!
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