Rhetorical Analysis Peer Review Rp


In regards to this writing assignment, what are you most worried about?
use of commas and if things make sense


  • First, help the writer with their stated concerns ^

Alyssa: You get the point across about what you are trying to argue.
Anna: I think your points are well made, maybe try breaking up your third large paragraph. It got a little long and hard to read

  • How well can you follow the writer's line of reasoning? Are there any places where you got a little lost, or things seemed less clear?

Alyssa: You repeat yourself a few times, making me get a little less interested
Anna: I got a little lost in the third paragraph, kinda long but had good info!

  • Does the writer address the rhetorical situation sufficiently (purpose, audience, author, genre, and context)? If not, where do you think they need to add or clarify information?

Alyssa: You address all of these items in your analysis, but I don't think it is necessary to talk so much about Nicholas Carr himself.
Anna: I agree with Alyssa, focus more on the criteria and less on Carr. Use the criteria you have to extend on why you think Carr is biased towards the internet.

  • Does the writer identify the:
    • catalyst
    • main claim (thesis)
    • supports
    • linkages
    • implications

Alyssa: As a formal writing assignment, I would get rid of your bulleted list and go more in depth on each of those points.
Anna: You need to expand on your criteria

  • Does the writer give evidence from the article to back up their analysis?

Alyssa: there was some evidence but I think if you expand on the points above, your analysis will be more clear and you'll have more evidence.
Anna: some evidence was given but I think you could beef it up a little bit more especially regarding your claim and supports.

  • Finally, write a few sentences describing your reactions to the text as you were reading it.

Alyssa: You have the right idea for what you are trying to say, but like I said before, you need to go more in depth with those 5 points and have evidence that brings it all together. Other than that, I think you are on the right track.
Anna: I think you have a really good idea of where you want to go with your writing but I think overall you just need to add a little bit more to it.

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