Rhetorical Analysis Project Plan El

Is google making us stupid

Purpose- The purpose of this was to address to growing problem with Internet addiction and how it is impacting people literary skills and tendencies. The writer explains how he used to be a voracious book reader but has since declined. His conclusion, that his avid internet use has caused his readers focus to disengage. He explains how its harder for him to concentrate on a novel and how his mind wanders.

Audience- I would say this is directed towards people who experience a similar phenomenon and have trouble with it. It may also intrigue people who do not have this problem and are interested in what other literary individuals are experiencing. I also feel that it targets teens, and kids since they are known to be addicted to internet use, and hopefully the author gets it through there heads that this can be a serious issue.

Author- The author makes it clear that the cause, according to him is the excessive use of the internet.



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