Rhetorical Situation AT

Who (Author and Audience)

Suzanne LaBarre
Intended audience: subscribers/readers to Popular Science
the audience probably varies greatly, they may have readers from all backgrounds and all education levels.

What and How

Argument discusses why they are taking down their comments options, and that they believe the comments are a threat to science.
The author presents their case, and gives a few examples of a study that was done to show how peoples opinions were swayed after reading "uncivil" comments.
The purpose of this article is to justify to thier audience that the comments section should be taken off of their articles.
They did quote other outside sources, for example they used a study from a Madison-Wisconsin University.

Where and When

The article was posted on the internet through the magazines webpage on September 24, 2013
Web Page
domain is a .com


The author wants to convince/persuade their audience to agree with taking the comment options off the Popular Science website

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