Rhetorical Situation Claire Noelle

☻ Rhetorical Situation ☻

  • Who is the audience?
    • Whoever reads popular science and people who comment on it
    • People interested in science related topics
    • Adults
  • Who is the author?
    • Popular Science
    • Suzanne LaBarre (Online content director of Popular Science)
  • What and how (Subject, Matter, Argument, and Style)?
    • It has a thesis about how other peoples comments changed other peoples thoughts and gave a study to back it up.
    • They are organized in a neat and orderly manner. Each paragraph is clearly labeled. They organized it in such a way as to make it easy to read and to the point.
    • All of the sources they cited are there to help their argument
    • They provide info from a university in Wisconsin that backs up their argument.
    • Her tone is to the point and she doesn't 'dilly dally'
    • She seems credible since she gives actual information, she doesn't just rant about the same thing over and over
  • When and where (context)?
    • September 24, 2013 on the website, Popular Science
    • Article
    • Not everyone has access to the internet so that limits who can see this article, but at the same time a lot more people have access to it compared to ten years ago when it would be on paper with possibly limited distribution
  • Why?
    • The writer was concerned that the main point swayed from the article to the comments
    • She wanted people to be focused on the article and to decide on their own what they thought of it
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